Bad day

Bad day

I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then
Alice in Wonderland

Bad day
Not a long time ago I wrote the post; Get my lazy ass out of my chair. This was one of the challenges I set myself a few months ago.
Well, I did, I got my lazy ass out of my chair and 4 months ago I went to the local gym. I signed myself up for the Milon Circle twice a week and I told you all about it in that post.
That was 4 months ago and everything went well until today. Today is a different story, today is a bad day.
You see I was very positive, although I had this funny feeling that I didn’t lose much weight, I kept telling myself that I was doing alright. To know for sure I made and appointment to weigh. I don’t weigh myself at home for I am always disappointed when I step on the scale and nothing happened or I even gained weight. In the past I reacted by starting to eat everything that I could find. This time I decided that wasn’t an option, and so the only place I would weigh, was at the gym and nowhere else.
Before I go any further with my story I want you to keep the following in mind: Every Thursday and Friday morning around eight o’clock I take my mountain bike and go to the gym (about 4km from my home). Then I start with 5 minutes walking, a stability exercise (for my bad knee) and 3x 500m on the rowing machine (I Have to tell you about the rowing later in this story).
After that I do two rounds of the Milon Circle and I end with 5 minutes walking and go back home on my mountain bike (another 4km).
The rest of the week, I once go biking with a friend, and I once go for a long distance walk with another friend or with my dog, and I try to eat as healthy as possible(although I still can’t refuse a nice glass of wine or whiskey).

Lets go back to this morning, 15 weeks after I started this whole circus. I was rather positive when I entered the room to weigh and within 5 minutes that chanced completely.
Guess what? In 15 weeks I lost only 2kg….grrrrrr. 2KG IN 15 WEEKS?? I was so disappointed, confused, even angry. 15 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! Was that all??? Did I do all the hard working for 2KG IN 15 WEEKS ???? What was happening? Where did this go wrong…What did I do wrong?
The instructor that did the weighing said something about an eating program they have but I was still processing, and told him I would think about it. The only thing that went on in my mind was not having lost a significant amount of weight. I couldn’t believe it.
At that point I had to start my program for the day, but the more I thought about it the more my body refused to do anything. My legs got heavy and I couldn’t stop thinking why I didn’t lose more weight. Not even my music could help me set my mind free of thinking. There was not a song that could cheer me up. Not even Bad day (Daniel Powter).
So when another instructor asked me in the end; Did it all go well?, I almost shouted at her; NO, not at all. I was about to quit, to give up. In my opinion I did everything as I should and this was the result? I was done with it.
We talked for a bit and all we could think off was that it had something to do with my eating pattern. It couldn’t be the exercising, I did enough and I worked hard.
She also told me about the eating program I could follow. I don’t know. I have tried so many diets, is there a guarantee that this will work?
A woman next to me couldn’t help overhearing our conversation and told me that she recognized my problem and she just started this program 4 weeks ago and already lost 6kg.
Well it gives me something to think about when I am in Scotland for the next two weeks.
Maybe I should try this.
For this moment the only positive thing that came to my mind, was, whether I was going to do it or not, this bad day already gave me enough to write another good story.

The rowing machine
As I promised you I was going to tell you about my rowing adventure.
One of the things I added to my program a couple of weeks ago was: rowing.
I had seen one of those instruction films where John and Sam explain the rowing machine. And I said to myself: I can do that. I said to myself that I would row twice a week, 3 x 500m with 2 minutes of rest and I even challenged myself that when those 5 weeks were over I did 500m below 2.00min. I even kept a schedule of the results.
Do you feel it coming; that was the understatement of the year. I have done it for 5 weeks and my second best time for 500m is 2.14min.
And if I told you how I got that time you will probably die of laughing.
You see at one morning when I entered the gym, did my walking and my stability exercises, there was already a young man sitting on one of the three rowing machines. I didn’t want to go sit next to him so I left one between us. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my rowing program on the machine, and had to switch to the one next to him.
For those who know me; I don’t give up easily, I don’t quite and I always think I can do what somebody else does. I get fanatic when somebody else goes harder, further, higher etc. It doesn’t matter it just happens. If I start playing a game I want to win. Afterwards I always ask myself: Was it wise? No of course not, the man was probably half my age and I could never beat him. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t try…..
Already in my first 500m I wanted to follow him in his tempo. So wrong, so foolish, but I couldn’t help myself I went along and really I can tell you after 250m I thought I was going to die. So that’s how I got my second best time.
But this week, without distraction I did 500m in 2.12min. So you see I don’t need a good looking man beside me to challenge myself, although………

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  1. Hi from Canada, Froukje! I love your blog! It is very well written and honest, thank you for sharing your stories. I can really relate to them – I too left a stressful job and found the Peakers! Slainte to you. 😘
    Stacy Kuryk

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