Get my lazy ass out of my chair..

Get my lazy ass out of my chair..

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like
– Bicycle race, Queen –

Get my lazy ass out of my chair…
When I started writing this blog, I told you there were a view things I had to do and one of them was: get my lazy ass out of my chair.
Well I did. It was about 9 weeks ago when I filled out an application form on the internet for the local fitness center. Soon after I pushed the send button, I received a call and we made an appointment, and before I knew it I was out of my lazy chair.
Work had controlled my personal life for so many years that I completely neglected my own body and mind. I am 51 years old and way to heavy. I’m not going to tell you my weight because I’m too ashamed to tell you, but you have to believe me for somebody who always has been keen on sport (I played hockey and handball, did a lot of swimming and running, did some horse riding, fitness and survival ): it’s far too much.
Anyway 9 weeks ago I decided that it was enough. I couldn’t go on like this and I started exercising at the local fitness center. They put me on a program named: the Milon Circle. Every Tuesday and Friday morning I take my mountain bike and ride to Leisure World . I do my exercises and go back home. I like to go as early as possible, at a time when there are not a lot of other people. I made a spotify list; it motivates me, listening to music and do my exercises. It’s a way of shutting down the world around me and to concentrate on the exercises.
In the program I follow there is this cross trainer. I have to do this one twice (4 minutes each time) and I hate it. I wish I could move the time forward with my eyes but that doesn’t work. 4 Minutes are 4 minutes and they won’t go any faster, and even if I go faster it doesn’t make any difference. So I decided I had to have some music to keep me going. I chose:Tsunami from Radio Edit. The rhythm of the music keeps me going. I also have to ride on a bike, 4 minutes, twice. But riding a bike is no punishment, it’s what I like to do. I like listening to Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull (I like how it feels) or Bruno Mars (That’s what I like) and before I know it, 4 minutes are over. But riding a bike in a fitness center is not as much fun as riding on my mountain bike outside.

This morning my love and I took our mountain bikes and made a lovely ride through Flevoland. For those who don’t know Flevoland: it’s a very flat region in the center of The Netherlands. The land was drained in 1957 and the place I live in arose in 1972. I live beneath sea level.
If you life in a country like Germany, France, England, Ireland or Scotland you cannot imagine how flat Flevoland is. You probably start laughing when I talk about hills or lakes. I get it, I would laugh too when I think of all the beautiful mountains, hills and lakes in your countries.
Anyway we went on our mountain bikes. It was a sunny day and at our first stop we drank a nice cup of coffee and ate a slice of apple pie with whipped cream. This is a good biking habit in the Netherlands. You take a break on your biking tour and you go for coffee and a slice of apple pie with whipped cream. It’s a treat you give to yourself because you think you earned it after hard work! I know it’s not good for my diet but I’m sorry, old habits are hard to break.
As we went further we left the main biking path and went through the forest. It’s nice and quiet there. For on the main biking path it can be very busy on a summer’s  day.
There might be nine million bicycles in Beijing but there are 22 million bicycles in The Netherlands. That’s a fact. That means that every person in the Netherlands has at least one bike and most of them have two. That’s also true, I have two bikes. I have a regular bike to go to my work, do shopping and go to the local wine bar on a Friday night, and I have my mountain bike.
We went through the forest and for those who know my love, also know he’s never staying on the regular paths. No, my love always finds another path and says; let’s see where this one leads us…
That’s the moment I should be alert, and believe me I am, but still, every time I do follow him and every time I think; the next time….. For I do know that when I follow it’s not going to be easy. We will be riding on paths of sand, through the grass, water and the mud. Over tree stumps and trying to avoid the reed on the side. Well today was no exception. But it was lovely doing it after a long time. I really missed it.
Our second stop was at the lake called; Veluwemeer. We sat on the terrace and ordered a nice lunch.
I ordered a healthy salad after my not so very healthy apple pie. I did this biking for a greater cause and that wouldn’t work if I ate all those not so healthy stuff on the other side. I would never lose any weight by eating apple pie every time.
While we were eating, a huge ship was sailing by. As a matter of fact it didn’t sail by itself. The ship was towed by several little boats. The ship looked a lot like the Ark of Noah. Later I heard people saying It was the Ark of Noah. In fact it was a floating museum. On the boat are all kind of figures from the bible telling their stories.
After lunch we went for the last part of the route, and when we arrived home we biked 47km (about 30 miles) today.
As for today I think I deserve to lay down on my lazy ass for a little while………

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