Let’s talk about me

Let’s talk about me

Let’s talk about me

Hello, my name is Froukje van den Berg and until the first of april 2017
I have worked as a mentor in primary schools.
It took a burn out to get me realized that I was not happy. Not happy with me as a person, not happy with my job and I decided I didn’t want to go on like this.
After 27 years I quit my job and start searching for a new challenge.
I made a list of the things I wanted to do:

  • Going back to school and start a study
  • Get my lazy ass of my chair (literally)
  • Going back to the gym to exercise ( I did a lot of exercising until about 8 years ago)
  • Start my own lifeblog

Well I got my lazy ass of the chair. I walk with my dog long walks ( 10km and more), I cycle again on my mountainbike and recently I started exercising in the gym.
And as you read this page you know I also started my lifeblog.

Why writing a blog

Writing helps me to get my thoughts together and to process my emotions. It also makes it possible to shape, shapeless feelings into words.
It’s often parts of songtexts that inspire me to do so. The parts connect the words to what I’m thinking, feeling.

To live without my music
would be impossible to do
In this world of troubles
My music pulls me through

And maybe, more often than I would admit, I like to write because I hope by doing so I have a desire to get back the things that were lost a long time ago.
By the way that doesn’t make me a sentimental person. It’s more what Karin Bloemen ( Dutch cabaretiere and singer with a striking appearance)  sang in her song Geen kind meer:
….en niemand zal nog ooit je vroegste vroeger met je delen….