Happy first Peaker anniversary

Happy first Peaker anniversary

Happy first Peaker anniversary

I’ve got you under my skin
I have got you, deep in the heart of me
So deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me
I’ve got you under my skin
                                                                                        -Frank Sinatra-


If your motto in life is “celebrate love and life”, then a first-year anniversary is definitely something to celebrate.
Anniversaries are all about confetti, balloons, streamers, birthday cake and drinking a nice glass of wine. As soon as my words hit the paper however, I realize it looks a bit awkward to celebrate one’s first year anniversary of a membership. I don’t think I have ever celebrated a first year anniversary of any kind of membership. So why should I celebrate this one?
Because being a member of My Peak Challenge is different. It’s something that gets under your skin the moment you start. It becomes a part of you, even to a down to earth woman like myself.

Looking back on this first year of my MPC membership, I can assure you my life didn’t look the least bit like what it is today. For those of you who read my blogs regularly, you will have noticed the change in this past year.
Looking back also made me wonder if the founder of this community, Sam Heughan, would ever have imagined what the effect would be when he started MPC? A global community with more then 10,000 members, mostly women, all over the world. People with different kinds of race, religion, political preference etc, all with one believe that they can effect a positive change in their lives while helping others.
Would Sam ever have imagined that all over the world activities are organized to raise money for the organizations MPC supports?
Or that he could inspire over 10,000 members to change their lives, doing things they never have done before if it wasn’t for MPC ( or should I say Sam?) Or that MPC members would challenge themselves and maybe their partners and friends to do things they never have been able to do?

I told you at the beginning of this year that one of my challenges for this year would be walking through all 12 regions of the Netherlands. I know now that I won’t achieve my challenge this year because I keep walking in my own backyard, Flevoland. I was born and raised in this part of the Netherlands that once was called “the new country”. I went to school here, I made friends here, took my first job at the local drugstore, went to the local pub, met my love her but clearly wasn’t able to see the true beauty of it until now.

Everytime I see it from a different angle, and I am surprised by the beauty of it. Where was I these last 50 years? I must have been walking around with my eyes closed!
If it wasn’t for MPC I would never have walked as much as I do now. I see trees, bushes, flowers, birds etc. without DSCN0310knowing their names. When I come home I show pictures to the people who do know and learn from it.DSCN0309
During my college time (when I studied to become a teacher), I had a professor in biology who used to laugh and say to me, “how can you become a teacher if you can’t distinguish a dandelion from a daisy…?” I told him that I had other skills.
But today I do know the difference and it pleases me. My professor would be proud of me.
If it wasn’t for MPC, I would never have discovered the true beauty of the region I live in. And even today, and every other day, I see different parts of it, and it still amazes me.
This walking doesn’t only make me see the beauty around me but it also clears my head and gives me space to think about new plans, ideas, sometimes even new blogs!

So you see my MPC membership has brought me a lot this first year. I also met a lot of new people. Not only here in the Netherlands but all over the world.
I met some really nice Dutch Peakers, at a time where I tought I was the only one! Together we did some awesome and crazy things this past year. I even had one of them taken pictures from me for my new business website. Over 200 pictures were taken of me. I don’t think there are that many pictures of me in my whole life!
I met a really nice Russian Peaker who was here on a holliday. We spent a day together in Amsterdam. We wandered the streets of the city, talking about a lot of subjects.IMG_5449 (Edited)
If you read this blog post, it has already been to America, Texas, where a really nice American Peaker corrects it. If you thought my English was that good, it’s all because of her.
I wonder Sam, if you would have ever imagined that your global community would bring together so many people? Honestly ?
You see, that’s why I celebrate today my first anniversary with MPC. I made it through, a positive change, and therefore I’m able to help others around me. It really gets under my skin, especially when I was raised and brought up in this belief that you can be a better person by helping others. Somewhere along the road I seemed to have forgotten it a little bit until I became a member of MPC.
Slàinte Sam, (and all those who work behind the scenes, who make this community to what it is; challenging and global), to my first year as an MPC member and hopefully many more to come.

1 Universe
9 Planets
204 Countries
809 Islands
7 seas
And I had the privelege of meeting you (MPC)

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